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Глубиномерная фиберглассовая лента, градуировка (через 5 см) нанесена методом трафаретной ...


Фасадный 3D сканер с областью сканирования: 360° × 60° Точность: 1.4 мм ( 50 м) ; 6...



Vladimir Tuchny received the B.Sc. degree from Odessa State University, Ukraine and the Ph.D. degree from World Distributed University.
Since 1960, he worked with government organizations of Odessa and Odessa District. In 1973 he moved to Food Industrial Automation Company as the Deputy Director. Since 1979 till 1990, he was with R&D Institute Shtorm as the Deputy Director, and the Director. In 1990, he took a position of the General Director of OdessaSouz Company where he worked till 1995.
Dr. Tuchny is currently the President of  The Southern Subsidiary of Industrial Radio-Electronics of International Informatization Academy, which was established for development and commercialisation of high technologies. His research interests and business focus include microwave seed pre-treatment, microwave processing of food, dehydration of agricultural and industrial materials, microwave extraction of pharmaceutical components.

Dr. Tuchny is a holder of four patents and an author of more than eighty papers. He organized and sponsored Transactions on Industrial Microwave Technologies that is the only journal covering progress of industrial microwave technologies in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The technologies developed under management of Dr. Tuchny are unique, efficient and fall into the breakthrough  category. Microwave seed pre-treatment technology has been approved by The Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine and Agrarian Academy of Science for commercial use.
Development and promotion of microwave technologies were awarded in 2005 by the Ukrainian Parliament and Dr. Tuchny was recognised as the Man of the Year in the area of applied research.

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